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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Umrah: Akhirah investment


Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.
Recently I updated my financial account, last Friday, and turned up that my umrah budget is doing great.
Sangat puas hati and excited.
Sujud syukur.

For time being i have four seat on list. Which fully sponsored by me.
And maybe five yeah, still considered, pray Allah give more lagi rezeki.
Alhamdulillah sangat...
My parents is the first choice and maybe i will drag along my younger brother, perhaps. For my father sake.
And if jadik, one seat more, for my younger sister. Dia nak gi gak.

I already explained to them, don't worry about me.
Takeout within this big amount of money from my account for akhirah investment things. I can said, i still have emergency fund for my dhunya.
This back up are from overseas bank that will covered me maybe three to four months. 
Secara puratanya lah.
Duh, since kecik, I'm a strict financially girl minded.
Jangan main-main. Hurms, that's why pelik betul choose nursing. I think i'm better and excellent in managing money things.

About my spending. I just want them to go there with me, lagi ramai lagi berkat.
Lagi mengimarahkan.
Nak visit rumah our Creator, Allah dan para nabi kan. Pengalaman yang paling menerujakan sangat.
So. Hal duit ni belakang kira.
Fikirlah. Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana.
Masa muda , ada tenaga nilah gunakan sebaiknya.
Mantapkan iman. Manfaatkan masa sebaiknya. Worthy!

If they rasa tak selesa. And want paid back to me, it's up to them.
That's money i will make a charity purpose perhaps. Some project on progress for it. Yeah. 
Lagi bertambah pahala. Kan.

Insyaallah, I planned go there whether end of this year, Oct or Nov. Which I think bit rushed, because lots i want to prepare. 

Or nice time masa early next year. Around Feb or March.

... Which that time weather pon sangat ok. Baru lepas winter. And not too hot. But not sure about visa senang tak time tu. 

Moga diperkenankan.