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I guess I'm pretty cool person. I likes be positive, helping others, writing and exploring.  Also a fan of happy ending. Even life is too serious as it is. This blog i called as my second heart. Everything with Allah blessing, i'll share those awesome moments in my life. Overall i think is a lot about my family. 'Cause i love them....LOL.

Thanks for all your support! It means a lot. Anyway, welcome to my life.

Sunday, April 23, 2017



Not said i ni berlagak ke apa. But some of my colleague they too afraid of someone.
Those surgeon lah senang cerita.
It's too obvious sampai i yang sama team pon rasa, why?
Be yourself. Come on, you can do it.
They are just same with us.
Please, please and please.

Let's bincangkan secara serius.
For me, untuk menghadapinya, not fair for them to afraid of certain person.
Don't you think?
We're same slave to Allah.
Mati pon bila-bila masa sahaja.
Tengah sam-sama kerja pon boleh unconscious.
So, apa nak menggelabahnya?

Prepared your mind set and perception about that person in in your life...
Convert the word afraid to respect!
Better right.

So, don't so takut. Think about your Creator who will protect you. Bacalah doa sebelum doing something.
Bismillah pon ok da.
Panjang sikit, bacalah doa minta petunjuk daripada Allah agar semuanya berjalan lancar.
Boleh siap cepat.
Boleh balik awal.

Kalau geram sangat, ketuk je kepala orang tuh.
Pastu lari.

As ianya juga pernah happened in my family. Where we're all so afraid to our ayah.
Once we're still kids.
Takut kena marah. Biasalah.
And semua membuatkan kami more closer to emak or sesama adik-beradik je.
My ayah is my stranger.
Make it worst,
Perasaan takut bertukar kepada benci. Which that sometime parents not understand what we want.
Teenagers. Memberontak je tau.

And later, after life matured me. Dah habis belajar, kerja, pegang duit sendrik.
Then, benci terus changes to respect.
Susah rupanya mak ayah nak besarkan kita.
Sebab tu kita boleh pulak buat perangai apa jadah bila ayah penat balik kerja.
Kan da ayah marah.
Salah sendirik.

Rasa nak menitik air mata.
Yelah, he's so strong besarkan lapan orang anak... with my emak only a housewife.
And for sake of us. He sanggup tolak PTPTN and support my two sister yang tengah sama-sama sambung belajar. With me in sponsorship partner.
'Till now, we're free from this kind of loan.
Love both of you.

So, for my friends yang under this categories.
Be brave be bold!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What's wrong with me


Last January, in 'cause I'm no Superman post, I ada mentioned about how sick i am with night fever, diarrhea, dizziness and on off of nausea.
Those terrible days yang i survived well.
Even I have to do oncall.
Gila tak gilalah.
Tapi lepas dengan jayanya.

Somehow, about these few weeks, I think it's slowly gonna come back.
Minus the diarrhea.
Ya. Because i still hati-hati with my intake.
Seksa woo.
And if rasa too hungry. I just ate macam biasa or double it. So far so good.
Even though gitu, ada my friend and my family member said i makin lama makin kurus.
I like, seriously?
I admit, ada one day kadang-kadang no feeling untuk makan, tak lapar langsung. I just niatkan puasa or i may be just simply took some spare Kokocrunch.
Tak naklah kena gastric nanti.

Walaupun tak ada diarrhea, tapi ganti dengan some bruises and bit redness.
Which i donno where it came from.
Tahu-tahu dah ada dapat. Sana sikit, sini sikit.

I think i tak doing any outdoor activities yang sangat lah lasak.
My routine last few weeks secara puratanya adalah.
Kerja macam biasa. Jogging-jogging dalam department, huha-huha jap.
Done weekend call.
Volunteer part untuk ajar budak membaca,
And the Easter egg days celebration dengan makan-makan biasa sahaja. Ada orang belanja kan. Hhehhehe...

And about my dizziness. I already change my spectacle. Which i found memang ada change of power lens.
Still tried to adjust it. Spec baru kan.
In observation lagi.
But if my dizziness to bad, nausea pon nak join sekali.
Hek eleh.

And fever? I can felt it.
Every morning berat kepala. And muscle aches.
Tu yang kena buat some light exercise.
Or if tak sempat. Prayer time, much better.
Macam semalam, masa time makan-makan rasa muka tiba-tiba panas. And when my friend asked why.
I just replied. Soup nih panas sangat.
And cepat-cepat habiskan meals and minum air mineral banyak-banyak.

With all these. I still can control it and tried to calm down everything.
Because dia akan mula-mula trigger untuk kita rasa uncomfortable.
Then, from situ i knew something gonna up.
And be prepared jelah.

Then, i think i have to top up my balang with lots of candies!
Or small tub for this 'lil one.
Smart moves.

Anything Allah plan for me. I just only a good slave.
But I pray He will wait for me to come to Him one fine day.
Which my big project of Umrah berjalan dengan jayanya.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Reflect yourself


Reflect yourself. 
This words i got from someone over night discussion at whats-app.
At first we just chat macam biasa. Then, we argued about perangai siapa kena berubah, and then, i thought this is a sensitive issues.
Yelah, who am i suka suki nak soh anak orang gi ubah manners?

Then, he said siapa sentap sekarang ni? Because he is the one yang selalunya akan white flag first.
I just said , no. I'm not a sentap person. Macamlah baru kenal sehari dua plak kan.
But i told. It's true duh.
It's not only him yang sometime yang kena. Othes budak laki kat my department pon banyak kali dah. Tanpa sedar, i also main sound direct jer kat mereka ni.
Yeah. Admit it. Sorry guys. 
Gila kuasa pulak.

I donno if i'm too emotional that night.
Or because baru lepas tahlil.
So ter-drag sekali emosinya.
I donno.

In my working daily basis. I really don't mind if kena makan laju, or no break sebab nak cover each other untuk prayer time.
Lagi-lagi bila part untuk Friday prayer.
Kesian kadang-kadang tengok diorang tak dapat gi if ada kes memanjang. Yang surgeon buat tu pon dua kali lapan ratus samanya. 
Rasa macam tak ada hari esok ke nak buat time tu gak.

One day, ada gak ganti budak-budak lelaki punya job sebab nak bagi diorang gi sembahyang sana.
Biar kita yang menolong cover nya pon dapatlah tempias pahala sikit.
Sikit je pun jadiklah.
Lebih sikit, soh diorang belanja lunch pisang goreng ker kan.

And ada gak, yang time lepas azan jer I forced them gi solat dulu. Ke nak makan dulu ke.
Just go first.
Sembah Allah tu dulu yang penting, daripada sembah manusia.
Am i wrong?

Ada part paling best, bila keluar makan. Nampak lah diorang punya truly color. 
Time ni nampaklah ada yang pakai seluar ketat daripada me. Rambut kaler babun, baju gambar seru syaitan. Accessories apa jadah. 
Ni nak kena lempang sorang-sorang ke apa?
Tapi they know, i don't like it.
Pandangan mata membunuh ku bagi.
Nak balik naked ke nak dok next my seat!

Pelik sebenarnya bila cool gila tegur tak ada alas kat bebudak lelaki. 
Tapi, tak tegur pulak kat orang-orang perempuan kat my department.
Dah tua, tapi perangai tak berubah-ubah. Uban makin banyak ada lah. Gedik terlebih tu yang malas layan.
Reason sebenar?
They are more dramatic than yang lain. Yeah.
Tapi in one sudut, they know me well too.

So, balik pada main tajuk. I have to reflect myself sebenarnya gak.
Maybe in one part, kita tegur orang ni. Maybe diorang tak suka.
Tak tahukan hati masing-masing camna.

So, why can't lah just me stay quiet. In future. And just reflect what they do at diri sendirik gak.
Less kan segala gossip and umpat mengumpat of couse.
Be the real old me.
So betullah kan what he said...
Supaya kita beringat sama.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Instagram talk: Getting closer


Hai. I'm not sure about this is the final decision yet.
If i'm gonna make my Instagram as not a private account anymore?
Hard duh.

Reason. Because i wanna start it as #quranchallenge2017.
Likes a daily Quran post.
Or if i'm free enough maybe setiap sejam ke apa.
Share my thoughts and my understanding. Sama-sama belajar.
Idea ni memang dah lama sangat nak share pon.
Sebab kan i have a big plan for next year. So, i want make it real in my routine.
So, that's the reason behind it.

But as you all knew me, i'm not like any attention.
That's why this blog not being exposed in any of my social media.
Any compare me barely.
So, i'm afraid if they do the same with my Instagram. They stalked my Instagram so often.
Like my previous account, that i already deleted. You can read in my post here, The long view.
Because too many harsh comment that i don't like it.
And i felt in secured.
Or maybe in this new account, my determination not as sharp as they hope.
Camne ek.

Pening ah.
Yes or No?

Just, how about.
Just act like normal and if the time come.
Don't asked me why my Instagram being private or closed again.

So, I'm gonna tell korang, that you can search me on Instagram. At add.shah or Adibah Shahrudin
With black and white profile picture.
That my gila-gila pose will not be in here.
Of course.
And my face also.
Maybe someday, i will. Maybe forever not.

Last word, I hope everything will going smooth.
Not i'm act like i'm so alim one.
But it's my account.
My right and my whatever i like to do with it.
So back off.

Please also be nice to me.
I have a sensitive soul, duh.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sarawak: Makanannya


Tak habis-habis lagi pasal Sarawak.
Hahhahha. Promised duh. This is my last entry about it. And it's about makanan!
Okey. Banyak sebenarnya makanan yang kita boleh try kat sini.
Untuk breakfast.
Luckily my breakfast all sponsor by hotel.
So tak payah nak keluar carik makanan. Senang hidup.

Sebab i don't think Kuching ada jual some sort of Nasi Lemak and Kuih Muih kat tepi jalan.
That i didn't see any.
But if want to try, cer gi Pasar Satok.
I think around there surely akan ada bit orang jual makanan selain all barang basah.
And those sayur mayur.

At Waterfront Hotel, Kuching Me Kolo is the main dish.
So, rugi tak try.
The mee yang lain daripada lain, what make it call that way.
But to me, this meal is quite masin.
I can't take it.
So English breakfast la gamaknya.
Nasib ada my fav potatoes part.
Terubat la sikit selera nih.

Mee Kolo Kuching versi hotel. Mee dia special. Haluih, haluih jer.

But if you want try Mee Kolok yang not masin. You can tried one at the back of this hotel or mall. Belakang Plaza Merdeka.
There are small jalan untuk orang jual-jual. And some kids main skateboard.
Nasib i wore skirt, kalau tak nak gak tunjuk skill main benda alah tu.

Tak ingat nama kedai tu apa. Some bakery shop gitu. Depan dia jual roti bagai.
And part belakang, combined diorang jual macam-macam jenis mee.
So, this mee i think it's nice to try.

Area Waterfront, tepi sungai. Ada la few tempat makan. Kat seberang sana nun pon ada. Itu pon semua time start pukul 7.00 pm ke atas baru diorang nak berniaga. So berlapar la korang nak tunggu diorang bukak kedai. And, ada gak orang jual souvenir.
Ada one kedai makan, dia jual terubuk ikan masin nasi goreng. Sedap!
Sambil makan, layan lagu sebab ada small band.
Ada wayang big screen gak, masuk free. Tapi pehal pulak bukak citer hantu kan.
Memang tak lah.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and food
Muka orang lapar bersama Nasi Goreng Terubuk Ikan Masin. Enjoy!

Sempat buat aksi tenuk malu-malu kat area situ. Kenyang dah kan.

Warung makan-makan.
Area Satok, adalah tempat makan yang best gak.
Kami jumpa tempat makan nih sebab tersesat balik daripada Sarawak Village Culture.
Pelayan dia pon baik sebab bagi charge phone.
Mekasihlah dik oi.

Tempat sini macam kedai biasa. Nama special dia, Warung kedai Pak Amit.
Tapi my suggestion.
Korang gih try diorang punya semua makanan.
Dah sedap sangat.
Hhahahha. Anyway, i choose Nasi ayam penyet and my friend took Laksa Sarawak.
For me, dia punya sambal is the best. Lain sangat daripada semenanjung style.
Korang patut try and carik kedai nih.
Good luck.

Bla. Bla  Bla restaurant, Dekat dengan Jalan Tabuan. Sebelah kedai sewa motor kami. Ni boleh baca kat previous entry.
Makanan dia all pun semua sedap. And in big portion. But here, we only tried diorang punya dessert. That untuk warm up only. Hahhaha. Saja nak gedik-gedik.
I like dia punya deco!
Sangat menarik, nampak luar kedai biasa-biasa, tapi dalam dia... siap ada small river beb.
Kalah hotel five star.

Pelayan dia all so friendly and warm. Siap bagi good suggestion all sort of.
And best lah.
Ni kalau dia bukak cawangan kat KL. Hari-hari boleh lepak makan lepas penat kerja.
Berangan tak sudah.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat, food and closeup
Our fav port. Bla.bla.bla restaurant. As mentioned in my previous post. Senang nak carik and tempat yang cool.
Dessert dia the best!

So, after gedik-gedik di sana. Kami merempit pula ke Lepau restaurant. Gunalah maps memasing carik ye.
Nak carik midin punya pasal. Bukan Mydin kedai serbaneka tu. Tapi midin. sejenis sayur looks like paku pakis.
And selain midin, diorang punya pelayan yang sangat excellent siap suggest best portion for us sebab kami dua je makan tapi nak try banyak benda. Bisalah, tamak.
And selain midin, we tried diorang punya Lepau special rice. Dengan nasi yang warna hijau and chicken bamboo. Sort of mereka prepared with potato or tapioca leaves. I think.
Bamboo chicken je bit spoiled sebab too salty for us. and bit cold.
I donno why.
Because dah memang masin sangat, kami just whatever.

Restaurant ni quite authentic, ada siap orang main traditional song guna three string instrument macam gitar. Macam yang kami nampak kat Sarawak Village Culture.
And i think makanan lain lebih best kot.
Tapi whatever it is. Kami balik Waterfront, tempat lepak fav kami setiap malam kat sini.

Image may contain: people sitting and food
So, this is what kami makan. Dug in.

And finally, the best tempat lepak. Topspot! Topspot Food Court. Atas UTC Kuching.
All seafood adventure start here.
Kami pergi jalan kaki jer daripada Waterfront Hotel. Sebab tak risau sangat. Kuching hidup time tengah malam.
Along nak gi Topspot, macam-macam kedai makan kami jumpa.
Rasa macam, dugaan gila.
Sampai jer, full house.
So i advice you all. Nak datang sini before 5:00 or 06:00 pm. Kami sampai around 08:00 pm after Magrib and it's weekend guys!

So selit jelah mana-mana meja. Kami buat muka cute, and share je dengan mana-mana orang. Sebabkan dua orang jer.
Rm 120.00 we spend here. Sangat dahsyat kami punya selera.
Kami pesan butter-prawn, black pepper crab, ikan masak thai style and midin of course. And two plate rice. Ni kalau tak fikir apa, boleh bertambah nasik.

Selain tak dapat tempat, lambat datang menyebabkan korang kena ordered makanan daripada tempat lain-lain kat stall situ.
Kan dah susah.
Diorang limited edition, tapi all makanan sangat sedap.
Kami ordered kat Muslim stall, hujung sekali.

Tak habis jangan risau, sebab boleh bungkus.
Smbung makan dekat hotel.
Itu pon kami makan esoknya before flight.
Masa lepak kat Old-town White Coffee area situ. Makan Nasi Lemak dengan black pepper crab.

So, so far, itu jelah kami makan.
Korang boleh try gak tempat lain.
RJ Ayam Bakar, My Village Barok, Planet Sambal, Tribal Stove and so on. Yang penting, korang punya explore nak makan semua kena start pukul 6:00 ke atas.
Dinner time.
Sebab mereka semua bukak kedai time ginilah.
So, have fun guys!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I'm secretive


I think i'm too secretive, mysterious by myself. I truly admit it with no pressure.
If you all realized, when someone asked the question that I'm not comfortable with it. I will quickly change the subject. Or if to hard, i not mind to answer it either.
Sometimes, I preferred silent than spoke about what i felt.

Because my mind is different from what your mind thought. Yeah.
I'm the one always seen good thing in everything. Zero negativity of course.
Someday, i knew, it will happen.
Where I'm afraid too, that i will hurts someone feeling because of my words later on. Who knows, right.
That may we are not in same boat anymore.

With this, I more preferred all my social media are in a private account. And less friends.
No friends is better, duh.
Not a attention seeker absolutely.
The more I received friend request, the more it's make me in miserable.
Sorry again guys.
But i tried hard to approved it even it's late or some i may not make it.
Just, is like they tried to intruder my life. Or I somehow don't want they read what my thought is.
I felt insecure.

Few years back, I'm not like this. I am a friendly and hyperactive girl. More hippie and crazy from what I'm today.
I didn't mind taking pictures together either.
But something happened in my early teenagers life. That change everything.
Changes my mindset to see what others think of me.
Then I became passive, don't like any attention and mostly not fans of picture things anymore.

Not even my parents, my siblings or my friends catch what really happened. No one knew. Why i change drastically.
Because i still kept giving them the smiley face.
Like it's not a big deal.
And obviously, i will not talked about this in here too. May time will tell.
When the right moment are. When I found my trustworthy, and my self-esteem are higher than the sky.
Even I treated this blog as my private diaries. But stalkers are everywhere. Do you?

My name is Adibah.

One day after open house on Eid session. Someone asked me, why so hard to invite me to took a picture together.
Or maybe a picture of me and him. At least duh.
And he sent random picture of me with full mouth of pineapple tart. Me walking with phones in my hand.
And some others not so cute pose.

Why and why?
He still want me to feedback.
I just said, why selfie too much? Didn't one picture doesn't good enough?
I'm ugly by the way.
But I'm not giving that reason. Not want to be fired back. But. As always, i change the subject.

Some people have their own reason. Their own secret.
How hard you tried for them to reveal it, that's a time you need to fed up and just giving them a space and respect.
Two things only.
They will appreciate it much.
Believe me.
If you the selected as the trustworthy one, keep on supporting.
They will appreciate it much too

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Umrah: Akhirah investment


Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.
Recently I updated my financial account, last Friday, and turned up that my umrah budget is doing great.
Sangat puas hati and excited.
Sujud syukur.

For time being i have four seat on list. Which fully sponsored by me.
And maybe five yeah, still considered, pray Allah give more lagi rezeki.
Alhamdulillah sangat...
My parents is the first choice and maybe i will drag along my younger brother, perhaps. For my father sake.
And if jadik, one seat more, for my younger sister. Dia nak gi gak.

I already explained to them, don't worry about me.
Takeout within this big amount of money from my account for akhirah investment things. I can said, i still have emergency fund for my dhunya.
This back up are from overseas bank that will covered me maybe three to four months. 
Secara puratanya lah.
Duh, since kecik, I'm a strict financially girl minded.
Jangan main-main. Hurms, that's why pelik betul choose nursing. I think i'm better and excellent in managing money things.

About my spending. I just want them to go there with me, lagi ramai lagi berkat.
Lagi mengimarahkan.
Nak visit rumah our Creator, Allah dan para nabi kan. Pengalaman yang paling menerujakan sangat.
So. Hal duit ni belakang kira.
Fikirlah. Rezeki Allah ada dimana-mana.
Masa muda , ada tenaga nilah gunakan sebaiknya.
Mantapkan iman. Manfaatkan masa sebaiknya. Worthy!

If they rasa tak selesa. And want paid back to me, it's up to them.
That's money i will make a charity purpose perhaps. Some project on progress for it. Yeah. 
Lagi bertambah pahala. Kan.

Insyaallah, I planned go there whether end of this year, Oct or Nov. Which I think bit rushed, because lots i want to prepare. 

Or nice time masa early next year. Around Feb or March.

... Which that time weather pon sangat ok. Baru lepas winter. And not too hot. But not sure about visa senang tak time tu. 

Moga diperkenankan.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sarawak:Sarawak Village Culture


Sambung balik pasal Sarawak things.
Kami pergi ke sini merempit, jangan tak caya.
Believe it or not.
Siap pilih jalan paling jauh lagi.
Pastu, Naik skuter. Sejam gak la baru sampai.

Paling best, nampak pantai Damai. Nak singgah tapi nak cepat.
And nampak gak, Gunung Santubong. Real.
Kata orang nampak tak lekuk muka orang kat situ.
I saw it.
But Allah lebih tahu segalanya.
Kita ni kadang-kadang mitos terlebih.

One fine day, nak aim hiking sini. InsyaAllah.

And masa sampai sana, around 11:00 am.
Daftar masuk fees semua. Don't worry, they accept the card also.
Tak salah, RM 63.00
Dapat resit,
And you get Sarawak Village Culture passport too!

So, at first, we just relax after penat atas motor.
The show pon only took few minutes before start, So tak jadi masalah.
Show diorang ada two time. 11:30 am and 04:00 pm.
Rugi jika terlepas.
Kena gih second time. So, make sure you make it. OK.

Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage, people dancing and indoor

At here, they showed us a welcoming song and variety of dance and clothes.
My friends dah teruja gila.
Siap usha mamat penari-penari Sarawak

And half an hour duduk tengok show.
Makan sikit and after that, barulah jalan-jalan house to house.
Macam Hari Raya plak time tu.
Yelah my friend pakai jubah and i simple red blouse.
Nasib tak bawak lemang, ketupat bagai.
If diorang boleh introduced to us their culture, we also can lah kan.

Ni idea gila boleh tried masa next time visit yer.
Ada rezeki lebih.

Image may contain: one or more people

I can said, just enjoy yourself.
Take part in their traditional permainan. And support diorang punya makanan gak.
Try jela. Tak mahal mana pon.
Paling teruk, sakit perut jer.
Tapi Alhamdulillah.
We all fine.

And baju yang my friend pakai tu, Sekali pakai, Rm 10 hinggit charge.
Nak pakai berapa lama pon diorang tak kisah.
I can't wore that. Takut cantik sangat, kalah Miss Sarawak nanti.

Mingle around sebab orang sini semua friendly belaka.
And jalan-jalan gak, sambil tu... gilah cop passport jangan lupa.

My tips untuk Sarawak Village Culture.
Bring your own mineral water. Sebab nak keep hydrated.
And snack or raisin macam kami beli.
Or even chocki-chocki perisa coklat.
The best, jangan buang sampah merata ok.
Care the nature!

Kasut kalau boleh, gi beli yang selesa nak berjalan.
And baju too.
Kalu tak kesah nak berjbah like my friend. Lagi bagus.

Anyway, if you all like art.
Kesenian Sarawak is the best!
And amazing.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Muka orang tired!
And siap semua, bila nak balik. Nak on map. Battery da tinggal 7 %.
Hahahha. Gelak sambil rasa nak nangis time ni.
Tapi kami redah jer.
Bila batteries died. Tried usha any sign board.
And asked orang tepi-tepi jalan. The trusted one lah.
Sampai satu tahap, kami dah memang lost. Sign board pon tak ada. Tapi rasa dah betul sangat jalan. Siap kira bridge semua.

And kami pon berhenti satu tempat. Masuk kedai Pak amit, nama kedai tu Warung makan-makan.
Kami ordered makan. And asked permission untuk charge phone.
If diorang cakap sejam rm 50, i sanggup.
Sebab nak on maps.
Nasib budak lelaki tu baik. Bagi free. Moga Tuhan membalas jasamu.

And tengah tunggu phone hidup, ada dua orang couple dok belakang meja kami.
Buat muka manis, tanyalah.
Dia punya jawapan, macam kami ni dah masa lahir memang Sarawakian.
Siap bagi jalan pintas bagai.
Alah, adik lalu surau lama hujung jalan ni. Surau bla.bla.bla.
Kami buat muka pening. Mak cik nih boleh angkut dia sekali tak?

Just said thank you for both of them. On phone. Ada 20 %, bayar meals semua.
Hidupkan motor, jalan.
Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai hotel.
Rest, mandi. Malam keluar treasured untuk dinner pulak.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hadiah yang pelik


My colleague invited me to her house last Friday night. After Magrib. 
Ada majlis tahlil and bacaan Yaasin.
I like.
So, me and my partner, we agree to met up at the hospital. Sharp 08:00 pm i dah terpacak dekat lobby.

But i have to wait another half an hours for her siap lilit tudung, 
Hurm, perempuan.

And sampai je sana. All done. Diorang semua tengah enak menjamu selera.
We missed it!
Segan pulak, yelah sampai-sampai terus makan.
As hormatkan tuan rumah. We agree to just go with the flow.
Greet and salam pada tetamu yang ada.
And make our self comfortable.

Tengah cedok nasik, this cheeky girl, Zara, hold my leg and called me. Akak diba!
I'm so surprised that she still remember me.
And how i missed her too.

So, when i duduk bawah, and nak mulakan makan.
She sat in front of me.
And we shared plate.
Suapkan dia.
Luckily i'm just have labu masak lemak, and sayur kerabu not took those sambal belacan.
And sampai habislah makan.
Sebab sedap.

Kalau kat rumah sendirik, rasa dah repeat lapan round nih!

And i tried the kuih, and some pulut kuning with chicken curry.
Sedap sekali.
And sementara tu, sama-sama gak berbual dengan tuan rumah.

Not forgetting, when i tried to play hide and seek with this Zara.
But lastly kantoi.
After that, this cheeky girl ajak main sekali.
But aunty pakai jubah la sayang.
Next time we play more 

Before we go back, she give me this weird present ever.
Kids always be a kids.
This small purple color things is actually penutup ubat that you have to flip it before open.
Mak dia pengumpul tegar benda alah ni rupanya.
Patut macam kenal.

And my colleague sempat gak bungkus laksa.
Nih i ate masa oncall on the next day.
Sedap gak.

Anyway, i have good time.
Tahnks sebab menjemput.
And those food too.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sarawak: Orchid Park


Orchid Park, in my bucket list of Sarawak even though i'm not fan of flowers duh.
Pagi tu after Subuh, siap ala kadar.
And sent my friend by motor to her conference site.
Then, terus gi kedai motor, return back theirs.
And masa nak balik hotel.
Usha mak cik tepi-tepi jalan, sebab soh teman breakfast sama.
I have one seat kosong!

Like i cares apa orang hotel nak cakap,
And i think mak cik tu mesti cakap, gila budak semenanjung nih. Hahahhaha...
Anyway, ingat senang ke nak bagi makan free kat hotel.
Ada rezeki lebih.
Just bagi-bagilah kan.

And penat makan, gih masuk bilik, get ready.
Nak buat camna. Kena survived sengsorang lah.
Jalan kaki sikit, naik bot daripada Waterfront ke seberang.
Yang ada tulis The Astana besor tu.
Time ni, pak cik tu cakap bahasa apa pon tak paham.
Angguk, angguk, senyum-senyum jela.
Nasib la.
Bot ni, i suggest ambil yang dekat left site, sebab nanti tak payah jalan banyak sangat.

Turun bot, jangan lupa bayar sehinggit.
Kesian pak cik tu carik rezeki.
Sarawak memang panas masa my trip.
Tapi i didn't bring any cap or umbrella with me.
Sebab tu sunburned gila.

Jalan sikit, sebelah kanan adalah bangunan law bagai.
And sebelah kiri, The Astana.
Astana tak boleh masuk, guard tu cakap la.
Ok lah, jalan lagi...
Terus je, bukak maps pon boleh.
Like me.

And nampak lah Orchid Park.
Masuk free!
And kat sini macam-macam jumpa spesis orchid.
Diorang punya jaga, memang terbaik.

Nih if my jiran nampak semua ni, mau pengan dia.
Yelah, gila orchid katakan.

Jalan terus at right side. Ada cold room, diorang panggil.
Sebab orchid dalam nih jenis nak hidup mewah jer.
Dok dalam air-cond gitu.
Class tau!

Image may contain: plant and flower
Inside cold room. Cool kan!
And after that, jalan macam biasa. Took a picture, video.
And also, relax kan fikiran jap.
Hijau jer, best.

Ada one site, dia macam a wall of orchid. Where atas dia ada bunga orchid warna putih.
Sangat awesome view dia.
Ni buat background wedding theme pon cantik.
Naturale sikit.
Jimat pon jimat.
Bunga fresh lagi. OK.

Anyway, my tips untuk gi sini.
Have fun and bawaklah air mineral sekali.
 Tu jer.
Pekebun situ pon friendly.
Korang nak korek rahsia cara tanam orchid yang betul pon diorang never mind.
Nak ajak gossip pon boleh.
Tak tipu.


Saturday, April 08, 2017

Sarawak: Kek lapis


Skip jap pasal Sarawak Village Culture.
Bercerita tentang kek lapis Sarawak dulu, makanan jangan di tolak perihalnya.
Ianya sangat lembut time dipotong, warna warni dan sedap.
Makan masa tengah stress lagi umph keenakan dia. Hehehe...
Kesinambungan daripada perjalanan di Sarawak. If naik boat, and turun dekat Encik Omar jetty, korang ke kiri.
Ada laluan ke kedai-kedai makan.

Kedai makan ni meriah time pukul enam petang dan ke atas.
Ada macam-macam variety choice.
My advise, if setakat nak try chicken chop... western type, tak payah makanlah.

This is Sarawak babe!
Korang patut cuba diorang punya kebanggaan. Mee kolo, umai, midin, dan so on.
Barulah worth it keluar duit.

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor, water, closeup and nature
Seberang ke seberang kami merentas.
Muka orang belum makan lunch ke dinner, tapi larat berjalan lagi.

Pastu if korang da lepas kedai makan, jalan terus lagi,ikut laluan pejalan kaki pon boleh, dan akan jumpa kedai color meah.
Ni kedai Mira cake house.
Kedai ini jual kek lapis jenis basah.
Moist la orang cakap.
Section taster dia tak banyak dan tak top up sangat, untung time my session, waktu pagi. So baru lagi. Rasa la gak.

Diorang jual satu pack 10 hengget dan keatas. Murah kan?
Dah kat sini jer da borong sampai Rm200. Beli 10 percuma satu. Diorang memang ada package packing semua.
So good.
Tanda lah pakai marker sekali gak, sebab nanti balik boleh tertukar dengan passenger lain masa balik semenanjung.
Cries in the corner duh.

And if korang larat, jalan lagi terus, korang akan jumpa Dayg Salhah Kek lapis, ni yang jenis kering.
Customer services dia sangat good.
Kek lapis dia pon sama murah, 10 henggit per pack dan keatas.
Diorang pon ada packing package.
Don't worry.

Sebabkan Sarawak ni panas.
Mesti ada yang malas nak ke seberang, kat waterfront tu ada je orang jual kek lapis gak. Sama murah, 10 hengget per pack. Five pack free one.
Lagi gila murah.
Tapi tak tahulah background dia. So tu yang i more prefer jalan jauh pon tak pe.
And before korang beli, make sure diorang ada sediakan package prepared masuk boxes untuk bawak balik semenanjung.
Tak adalah menyusahkan ke apa nanti.

My favourite so far, the original.
Yang lain-lain sedap gak macam tunku rahman, sisik ikan, tapi original is the best so far.
Beli jer, if korang tak najk. Jual.
Ramai berderet nak beli.
Sebab itu Sarawak originsl homemade ok.

Muka orang semenanjung exited seberang sungai Sarawak naik bot.
Jakun gila.

So, that's my experienced.
Memang cukup-cukup jer beli Rm200 untuk 20 packs.
Sebab kami berdua jer. Tak cukup tangan nak hangkut.
Beg baju semua nak letak mana, kan.

Minta maaf la pada yang tak sempat tu.
If cukup tangan memang da beli banyak and jual kat sini.
Tapi tulah.
Sorry again, guys.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Sarawak: Sewa motor


Mula-mula bila kami bagi idea nak merempit di Sarawak. Ramai cakap, ada ke part sewa motorcycle ni?
If sewa basikal, kereta... ada lah.
So i bit down time tu.
Nak sewa kereta tak berbaloi sebab kami berdua jer.
And later, im the one yang akan used. Sebab my friend pagi busy dengan conference sampai petang.
Malam je free.
So, kitaorang decide. Basikal pon basikal lah.

Masa kitaorang sampai Sarawak, tengahri. 
So kebetulan masa nak survey conference tempat my friend akan pergi. The majestic riverside hotel. The hotel attendance very friendly, and bila tanya pasal sewa basikal. Diorang cakap kenapa tak sewa motor?
Kami pon what the...
Ada ke orang sewa motor? 
Dia pon gi belakang reception door. Bentang maps, and tunjuk lokasi yang ada sewa motor.
Tu pon dah Alhamdulillah.
Ada ghupanya.
Rasa nak lompat kijang lapan ratus kali. Sebab excited.

So, kedai tu terletak kat jalan tabuan.
Sebelah kedai bla.bla.bla restaurant.
Btw, kedai ni pon best gak. Dessert dia shodap.
Waze or maps nama restaurant ni jer.
Kedai sewa motor tu nama dia ah ha motor services. Macam bengkel motor biasa lah.
24 hour dia ada rm30 and rm40. Tengok jenis motor.
Termasuk helmet sekali.
Pilih mana more comfortable yer.

Image may contain: one or more people, food and outdoor
Bla,bla.bla restaurant. Tempat dia chill. Sangat nice untuk lepak. Deco dalam dia memang cool.
Best services.
Dessert dia boleh kongsi dua orang babe. Portion makanan dia semua besar.
Time ni tak dinner lagi. Tapi makan eskrim jer, sebab nak try makanan sini.

Kena tunjuk ic and driving licence.
And deposit rm100.
Kedai ni bukak pukul 8.00 pagi sampai 06.00petang.
Uncle tu pon good gak.

Dapat jer motor ni, terus kami merempit ke Santubong.
Pergi Sarawak village culture. The place yang korang kena pergi if nak rasa Sarawakian tu camne.
Kejar show dia pukul 1130. Nasib sempat.

Ok, next entry. Citer pasal kat Sarawak Village Culture pulak.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and outdoor

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Sarawak: KIA to The Waterfront Hotel


As I promise, this is a post about my trip to Sarawak.
So, my friend and me adalah first time naik kapal terbang. Tapi kesempoian kami mengalahkan segalanya. Kami redah jer. So far so good.
Hidup lagi.
Cuba dah sunburned jelah.
Oh no!
Kena dok kutub jap bagi putih balik.

Kami naik AirAsia.
Pramugari cantik, ada senyum and banyak tolong.
Nasib semua smooth sampai landing. Tapi tetiba sangkut kat emigration security!
Ic kawan tuh hilang. And passport dia bawak, tapi expired.
Tak tahulah dia memang nak buat lawak tengah-tengah bandar Sarawak.
Ada bakat nih.
Nasib kami pandai buat muka cute, blink-blink kat orang atasan tuh. Dia pon bagi lepas.
Buat report polis kat dalam bangunan tu gak and terus dapatkan coupon taxi and gih hotel.

Kami stay kat The Waterfront hotel. Nice services i can said.
Luar je nampak serabut sikit, art kat walls ada tertanggal ke apa ntah. Tapi dalam dia heaven.
Semua lengkap except tak ada microwave.
And sorang satu bed.
Rehat jap bagi hilang penat, and mandi semua bagi fresh sikit.
Pastu baru keluar.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor
Bila korang travel dengan orang ratu selfie. Ginilah jadinya.
Kat belakang tuh, tengah mintak prayer mat.
Arah kiblat diorang siap-siap tunjuk kat atas siling.

First ever tempat kami pergi adalah UTC Kuching.
Nak buat IC dia. Sekejap jer, adalah lebih kurang 15 minutes.
Nasib cepat, and in same time siap sembunyik-sembunyik charge battery.

Pastu gih survey tempat conference, The Majestic Riverside Hotel.
Depan dia tuh ada Cat statue. Boleh lah ambil pict jap.
Tapi kena lepas ting.ting.ting.ting.ting.ting dia.
Bunyi nak melintas jalan.
Kami selalu buat lawak pasal bunyi ni sepanjang kami kat Sarawak.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor
Eh, ada orang tolong ambilkan kami pict lah.
Diorang pon baru sampai Sarawak.
Ada company function katanya.

Penat kan jalan, panas pulak tuh.
Air dah bergelen habis. Perut pon tak lunch lagi.
Next entry i will post about camna nak sewa motor kat Srawak nih.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Dance in the rain


As I mentioned in my previous post. I'm away for few days.
Teman my friend gih conference.
So dialalah yang sponsored my flight and hotel too.
Bawak perut jela. Hehheheh...
And sebenarnya we go to Sarawak!
Oh ha....

And at here, I met with this special book by Rabiatul Faazra.
I bought this book masa my last day kat Sarawak.
At MPH Plaza Merdeka.
Memang plan nak beli any reading book, sebab masa fly ke Sarawak, memang mati kutu sebab menyesal gila tak bawak anything from home.
So, nih time nak fly balik. It's a must.
Carik punya carik, terus pick this one.

Niat asal beli sebab nak hilangkan bosan tunggu flight ke apa nanti.
Tapi lama kelamaan baca, i took seriously what writer talk about.
And siap conteng-conteng tepi-tepi dia sekali.
Sebab enjoy sangat baca. And sebab share sekali my experinece and my thought.
Worth it, duh.

Hasil carian imej untuk dance in the rain buku

Tak habis lagi baca.
Tapi so far, for me, Dance in the rain more pada pendapat and personal type yang lahir daripada sisi penulis itu sendiri.
Dia publish buku nih sebab dia nak share pada semua apa yang dia rasa.
Kenapa dia berubah pada usia yang muda and dia try bawak kita berubah sama.
Dan dia punya mission sama with me.
Because we're in same destination. Jannah Allah.

For those yang nak pinjam buku nih.
Tapi tak tahulah korang minat ke dengan semua ini.

Apa yang i can said, Dance in the rain... with me, please.

About my journey to Sarawak, I will post it tak lama lagi.
Maybe take time sebab nak kumpul pict dulu.
Wait yer.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Sopheas


My sister yang baru delivered by caesarian section baru nih meneruskan legasinya.
The sopheas...
So, nama anak dia adalah Aqylla Sophea.
Spelling pon boleh buat orang mabuk ketum kakakkku oi.
Anak dia, suka hati dia lah.
Meh, kita tengok peah punya adik baru.
I will called this kid, peah junior. Hahhaha...

Lebat rambut  si Peah Junior nih.
Kalah aunty dia.
Pape pon moga jadik anak yang solehah dan bahagia dunia akhirat.
Big hug from far.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dinner Hollywood glam


My hospital menyambut secara gilang-gemilangnya their 10 years of anniversary.
Yang baru kerja tak sampai tiga tahun ni pon just tumpang sekaki dua.
Yelah, makan free.
Mana boleh let go camtu je even kan.

Actually me and my pregnant friend rasa pening-pening lalat sebab kerja pagi, petang ada talk kat institute jantung begara, IJN. Tempuh jem lagi dalam hujan.
And pastu balik kami kena hospital semula before gih dinner reramai.
Rasa tak nak pergi, tapi bila fikir balik pasal makanan semua.
Tahan, tahan. You can do it!

Ootd free. Hahhaha... Senang kerja.
Ni time kat IJN.
So, event kat Vivatel Hotel.
And my ootd. Free jubah yang i got from Losravelda mood republic fair kat PWTC masa tu.
Black and white theme.
Kena la sikit-sikit with their Hollywood glam.
Ohkeylah. Tak payah over blink-blink sangat. Or nak kena make up or nak kena rent dress.
Jangan membazir.
And not even in my life list nak buat semua tuh.

Ramai yang geram bila i not wore any make up malam tu. They want to see me in it.
And even ada yang nak paksa me pakai it. Siap volunteered. 
Duh, nasib sempat lari.
Anyway guys, janganlah camni.
Just tunggu bila nanti on my big day baru lah i conteng my face ok.
Even the contact lenses too.
Don't surprise plak time tu tengok i gojes gila debom-debom. Hahhaha...

About foods. I hate it how they prepared it outside the hall.
Dah la dok meja hujong belakang sekali.
Rasa malas nak bangun. Sebab nak tempuh orang-orang yang tak kita familiar with. Tapi merunggut pon ada la lima enam pinggan jalan.
Most liked, their curry. And cakes.

Tetiba semua bertukar jadik baik pakai kot bagai.
Sanggup gak datang even kes habis lambat. Sebab kot dah la sewa, dengar kabonya lah.

We're just enjoying the days, with great performance semua.
Part paling best, we're cheering up for our queen department untuk dress paling meletop, ketat and masuk neraka semua.
Betullah kan.
Anyways, menang gila sampai yang lelaki gih bangun dan gi depan and baling-baling napkin bagi support.
Nasib tak ada yang baling meja, kerusi.
And perempuan, we're just berdiri sama and jerit hysteria sama like tak peduli esoknya kes berlambak tengah menunggu.
Best moment ever.
And she got the crown, babe.

And for some lucky draw, yang bertuah tu.
Sama congrats lah.
Best tu.

Anyway, part paling kelakar. Bila habis nak balik. Semua meracau kat legar parking carik kereta memasing.
Hahahhaha. Gila.
Sebab parking mall kena tutup.

Ok, i'm out.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spec baru la plak


My spectacle dah more than two years actually tak tukar.
I donno how can it happened. Busy tak bertempat agaknya.
Or maybe sebab this company tak provided yearly ophthalmic or dental checkups like my previous one.
So, tu yang sampai terlepas pandang. Agaknya lah. Hahahaa...

And, this month ada rezeki lebih. Alhamdulillah. So, I'm gonna change it on the spot.
Usually my ayah and emak or any sibling  will accompany me, more pada nak choose the frame.
New spec, new style!

But sebab dah dok Kolumpo pon sorang-sorang. Kenalah gi alone.
Nak ajak kengkawan kang kesian plak diorang kena tunggu lama. You know, procedure nak check mata, test lens, balancing and all those things.
Oh my, only spectacle people will understood.
So better tak payah susahkan sesiapa la yer.

Memandangkan gitu, i randomly pick Klcc je la. Sebab i know, my lens part will take about a week to prepare.
So lagi dekat lagi senang.
Pastu tetiba fikir yang i will away dalam masa terdekat. And someone may behalf of me untuk ambil bila siap.
Lagilah I surely nak buat kat situ.
Macam i mentioned above, tak nak susahkan sesiapa.

Then, Saturday afternoon after cake session. I took an express train to Klcc.
And jalan sana, pusing-pusing sampai sesat.
Lastly, i choose Focus Point as my usual tempat untuk my glasses daipada dulu sampai la ni.

I liked Focus Point teams. Sebab they're friendly, and always helped in choosing frame, even korang gila cerewetnya.
And paling penting they give you lot of tips about spectacle.
The distortion, reflecting and if you asked questions yang rasa diri sendiri pon annoying, diorang tetap giving most logically answer.
They respect all their customer as a special guest.

Promo tak berbayar.
Hahahaaa ...

Btw, cecah riban gak buat spectacle kali nih. Melayang lah duitnya...
Tapi bila fikir, what better for my eyes and choosing most I'm comfortable with. Bayar jelah.
Not too surprise sebab i know, my lenses power memang mahal.
Plus, frame pon dah mahal.
Ber-huhu jela.
I will snap a picture of me with my new spectacle really soon.

Good. Bye.

Sedih melihat zaman sekarang actually yang zina ada dimana-mana.
If mereka yang pada Zaman Nabi  melihat umat sekarang, geleng kepala jela.
I'm also included. That's why i tried my best to avoid much society.
They are more weird and gila.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Go travel


At the end of this month, i will go for travel.
By flight.
And this is my first flight ever.
That i wish this destination will going to Mecca land.
To consider again about domestic only.
So, i go with the flow.

So excited!
Tambah excited lagi adalah bila my flight ticket fully sponsor for free untuk pergi balik.
And the hotel too.
Best gila.
That's why i agree semua ini.
Jangan jealous oh key.
Thanks to the person yang belanja tu.
Love you lah.

And i planned to not stay bored inside the hotel room.
Flirt with room service boys. Or even i know they have a good Wifi.
Not caught my adrenaline.
But, i wish to fully explore the place there.
With i think i will go solo.
Because of some reason.
Yeah, maybe.

I already googling and make a draw about it. The maps, distance and transportation.
Which more interesting to used public transport.
But i will stand by about renting a motorbike.
Ok tak?

Even the hotel are in the town, i will consider to go outside from that.
Because this is all sort of animal and natural lover buat.
We donno when will we come back sana.
So, enjoy with the time.

Insyaallah, I will make a video footage about my travelling experienced.
Where i will post at my You tube channel or Facebook wall.
Take time somehow.
Because of editing part, duh.
If tak de tuh mungkin sebab i more enjoy my life.
Than hold a hand-phone 24 hours.

So, see you in next chapter.
Pray me the best.
= )

Fall hard about this quotes.
Share more!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Manusia kadang kala melebihi


When you asked for help from someone ... nicely.
And he or she fired you with marah-marah and merunggut.
This kind of person,
You should jauhi.
Really jauhi or be aware.

This happened to my friend.
And i stand beside her at that time.
And i felt her feeling.
She just stare at that person and terdiam.
Kami memang unexpectedly terkejut dengan apa yang keluar daripada mulut dia.
Because my respect to his or her memang all out jatuh gila.
Tak sangka she or he can talked macam tuh.
What in the world.

After a second, we pandang sesama sendiri.
And i pull her out from that room and said privately that just asked from someone else.
We can make it without her or his.
Ingat kita nih jenis akan begging tak tentu pasal.
You're wrong, you're wrong!

And my friend agree with me and we settle it down by our self.
And duh, we actually make it.

Seterusnya. The next coming Monday, she met me.
And said sorry.
About his or her behavior toward me.
That time memang dia tak ada mood and dia tahu salah sendiri.
How tak baik dia punya perilaku.
Tahu pon. Sedar pon.

I just said, it's okay.
No sweat.
Everyone have their own ketahanan pada stress or problem sendiri.
Some people will drag along the mood in one day.
Some can control it.
Manusia kadang kala melebihi.
Tapi our self yang limit kan semua itu.
Ada faham? gitulah ayatnya.

That's why, i always stay quiet and more smile.
Less talked less drama.
Less sin.
Cewah ayat.

Ehem, untuk peringatan pada diri sendiri juga...if someone asked for help,
Just do what you can, if can't make it. Just said it.
Just frankly speaking that you're not free or in rushing.
Daripada tak ikhlas menolong.
Betul tak.

Untuk control masalah yang dialami.
Apparently semua orang ada problem masing-masing.
Jangan kata masalah kita more problematic than others.
Jangan drama sangat boleh tak?
Lempang nak?
Gih ambil wuduk, bentang sejadah.
Pakai telekung.
Doa yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri every second.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Antara ikan dan ayam


When someone asked me what I'm gonna to eat today?
I just said anything.
Yeah, apa apa jer.
As long it's edible.
Menggeyangkan dan semestinya sedap.

I'm not too cerewet in makanan part.
Or, maybe.

But in between ayam or ikan.
I more prefer ikan. In any cooking style.
Except ikan keli.
Because my mother don't teach me how to ate that fish.
And also fish yang in big size.
Not my taste.

Talk about big fish, few days ago i ate kari kepala ikan.
And i said i don't like too much ikan yang in big size.
And i donno how to ate them.
That fish revenge me, and the duri stuck in between my teeth and the more i want t pull out the more it's straight to my gum.
I can't took it out.
I hope my gum not infected because of this 'lil silly duri things.

Hasil carian imej untuk kari kepala ikan

Walau bagaimana pon, diakui it's quite uncomfortable actually untuk makan fish di kedai.
Because we not sure how the cleanliness it is.
But I still choose fish.
Depends on the kedai i go.
Or paling senang.
Go to my routine order.
Simple soup.

And because of this thing tu la ni la, why not we cooked from home.
The better.
Untuk yang ni, kena tanya my mood on that day lah ye.


Thursday, March 16, 2017


Salam khamis semua!
Dhikir lah masa ada kelapangan.
Masa tengah tunggu orang ke,
Masa tengah tunggu makannan panas ke.
Tengah buat kes yang memboringkan ke.
Anytime. Anywhere.
Tak salah malah collect pahala lagi.
Thumbs up!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Alat kawalan jauh

I loved this post!

As you seen from above picture.
Mesti korang nak gelak guling guling pastu diam jap sebab drawing nih sangat berimaginasi tinggi.
That what i think when my sister sent this image.
Really smart girl you are Cik Ziqa.

She draw without an eraser and in one line.
And i donno how her brain works.
And where she jumpa this alat.
Must from my younger brother yang suka letak barang sepah-sepah.
BTW, its truly amazing!

Sebagai myself yang in medical part, this looks like a power tools where i used for drilling bone.
And i don't think if this item can be as alat kawalan jauh.
As Cik Ziqa imagination.
How can it's works.
Put on the head like kipas terbang Doraemon and Nobita?
Mesti berat.
I can't think.

If i'm going back Johor later, I want to asked lots of question about this item.
It's a must.
Sangat curious, duh.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Resepi Puding Roti


My department memang kaya dengan roti rotaan segala.
So, kekadang sampai da expired roti tu semua diorang buat. Biasa terjadi bila misplaced lah.
Bukan nak carik mana pergi roti tuh, tapi gih beli yang baru...
Haish. Tak paham betul.
Nak nasihat dah besar.
Nak membebel, kang kata nenek lah.
Ntah la.

As someone yang pantang ada berlakunya pembaziran. I make something good to it.
I gathered all roti yang ada. And cutting all those into small pieces,
Expired pon expred lah. Janji takde mushroom.
If ada, rasa mushroom tu lagi penambah rasa.
Gila! If ada kulat, asingkanlah.
Tak adalah jahat mana pon.

Yup, i make bread custard pudding.
Homputih punya dessert hokey!
Mungkin sebab semua suka makan.
So dessert part nih bagai diamond turun daripada langit lah.
Habis, licin.

Sonang ja hah nak buatnya.
So, here the ingredients. This is bekas A.
2 cawan susu segar
1/2 cawan gula
1 sudu besar butter or mentega
1 sudu kecik garam

Bahan atas tuh, korang panaskan sekejap. Just nak bagi gula, butter or that margarine dia larut jer.
Other option, masukkan dalam microwave...pon boleh.

Then, mek bekas lain label as bekas B. Masukkan pulak
2 biji telur
1 sudu kecik cinnamon
1 sudu kecik essen vanilla
Kacau gitu gitu jer.

Pastu combined lah dua bekas nih.

10 keping roti yang dipotong ikut suka
Kismis ikut suka gak
Pastu, korang susun lah roti tu dalam bekas yang untuk masukkan dalam oven.
Susun cecantik yang boleh.
Selang seli dengan kismis.

And, siap tu. 
Tuanglah susu and telur yang telah di combined tu.
Tekan tekan guna garpu ke sudu bagi roti berendam sepenuhnya.
Tak rendam pon tak pa, janji disaluti sikit jadiklah.

Sebelum proses atas tu semua, make sure oven da panas lah.
Saja bagi korang chaos.
Temperature 150 degree. In 30 to 40 minutes. Kejap jer.
To me, i liked to use haba bawah first, da quiet masak.
Guna haba atas. Just nak bagi dia brown cantik.
Hokeyyy. Siap dah.

Untuk kuahnya. Custard tuh. I changed to vanilla ice cream.
Tak do kerja nak masaknya plak.
Lagi malas, vanilla ice cream tak de sekali.
Hidang kosong je. Manis dah lah.
Lagipon like i cares? Memang akan habis pon.
Sebab department nih semua spesis piranhas sana.
= )


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meh kongsi makanan


Lately i'm quiet malas untuk masak.
That i don't enough bahan-bahan untuk ketang ketung dekat dapur.
Because all of my weekend are full house.
So, nak gih pasar time hari biasa memang tak la kan...
Just deal with it jela.
Lantak la.

Macam hari ini, Sunday.
I'm oncall.

Untuk ini. Reason yang masuk akal.
I'm fasting.
Alang-alang masih ada dream untuk bit kurus sikit gih. Hehhehheheh....
So, here i am.
Teruskan berpuasa terutama hari Isnin dan Khamis.
Best gak lama-lama practice camni.
Prep untuk coming Ramadhan gituuuu.

Alhamdulillah sepanjang berpuasa. My rezeki about foods sangat melimpah-limpah.
Ada one day tu, i bought bubur MCD.
Plan that is my food untuk buka puasa.
Then, petang sikit. My friend cakap dia ada beli me laksa for lunch.
Oh key.
Then, petang lagi. Other friend ask me to take her Pizza part.
She's on vegetarian diet.
And masa time nak buka.
One doctor belanja pulak. Mee udang and nasi goreng ayam.
I just like.... which one i'm gonna eat first?

Hasil carian imej untuk i love foods

So, i just share what i have.
I just ate any foods available... 
Because everyone love foods! No worries. Hahhahahah...
And i'm the one who like to share with you all.
Because i don't eat much.
Syuhhh, i'm on diet too.

Talk about kongsi makan nih.
Even time tak puasa pon. Or i only have that food untuk makan pon i still share with others.
Sebab again i said.
I'm on controlling my diet.
Because i'm not exercising. So this the way lah.
Nak lari sangat dalam department pon tak boleh dah.
Kaki dalam pemerhatian.
Tak boleh lari sesuka hati.
Mau terseliuh lagi plak.
Nak bagi dia betul-betul cure, baru i start run, baby, run.
= )

Okeih, start kerja lorh!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Play water

I love this picture very much. Sangat ohsem.
This when, those three kids tengah play water kat depan rumah nenek mereka.
Nenek tengah siram pokok bunga, dioarang help sama.
As upah, boleh mandi main air depan rumah.
Suka gila diorang.
Memang look fun.
Happy for them. = )

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Kuew teow itu


When i seen my friend ate keow tiew in front of me...
I realized that I'm not ordered this foods quite long. I'm serious.
I donno why I'm too phobia to eat this foods.
Is there a name for person who not ate kuew teow?

Even to looks at it. Make me wanna to vomit.
Don't care if you have those prawn or all seafood part.
I still don't wanna eat you!
This maybe after my many attempts ate this foods in any cooking style, i still failed.
My stomach can't accept it.

Latest order are at the Kraf Kebangsaan 2017 event. My friend belanja.
As not many choice... i just said ok. Im in.
But a few suap, i stop.
And quickly drank water a lot.
It tasted really bad.

Hasil carian imej untuk keow teow

I knew, this foods....
Either next I will got food poisoning or i will nausea and vomiting.
Even i cooked by myself, i tried, but still nahhh...
And my last food poisoning is about bihun goreng.
I donno whether it's berjangkit to that foods pulak. Or just because my stomach is too sensitive.
I will consider to more careful.
Yeah. Bertahanlah.

I still got my meds stock.

That's why I prefer bread or soup than any others.
They are plain. Easy. And taste simple.

Luckily my fav drink. Air laici still edible and taste forever good.
Hahahha ..

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

You think you're a hero?


My friend told me a secret few days back.
And i'm just okey with it.
And today she met me and said that someone knew that secret.
She felt so uncomfortable.

For me, I'm just annoying at the end of our discussion.
Not to her, but to the person who knew those secret.

I really donno how he knew it.
How he CIA it till found.
My advise to him,
Even you know the story behind it, why just don't you shut up. And kept that to yourself.
So annoying. Duh.

Or are you think you so hero because you knew everything?
And must be telling that to others so that they also alert about it.
That, you knew it.
Please lah... Let the time tell.
Let the person reveals.
This is how you respect others plan and secret.

Because of this, looks like you just slowly pull back my trust and so on.
You make it worst and for us,
In future, you just a friend with no benefit.
No fun.
And no manners.


Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Hubungilah yang tersayang


Today jarang dah nampak anak-anak phone call parents masing-masing.
Maybe sebab mak ayah diorang pandai dah Wahatsapp.
Sebab tu even they not talk each other,
They keep in touch each other.

But to me, a call tak salahkan.
Sebab hubungi mereka, dengar suara mereka.
Are the precious moment.
Jangan let that go.
Jangan sampai terlambat.

To me, i will make sure three days paling maximum i will called them.
Lagi-lagi my parents tak pandai Whatsapp ni semua.
Message wish birthday pon my ayah forward tahun lepas, and lepasnya.
Oh my.
So, never-mind.

Call jelah. Biasa call pagi-pagi before case start...
Sajer, nak tanya khabar.
Tanya masak apa lauk tengahri.
Tanya pokok apa yang terbaru.
Tanya hal anak sedara.

And from there, they will told you lots of gossip.
And cerita lawak lainnya.
There you built a family relationship.

Other sibling, maximum a week or month at least ada call.
Sebab our 24/7 Whatsapp cukup lah.
Macam korang.

Tapi if rajin lebih, or rindu kat diorang.
Called jelah.
Bukan kena bill bertimbun pon.


Monday, March 06, 2017

Legoland Malaysia 2017


Last week, my friends dan saya telah pergi ke Legoland Malaysia!
Yuhuuu. And,
As FYI, even I'm a Johorean... this is my first time ever pergi sini.
Yelah dah nama kerja pon dok Keyelll.
Ingat dok boleh ulang alik Legoland dengan KL?
Lempang nak.

We all gerak Friday night and sampai sana around 0230 Saturday morning.
Hotel jangan cakaplah. All full house.
One time, rasa nak bentang toto tengah jalan jer, sebab tak larat nak mencarik dah.
And Alahmdulillah.
We stayed at Retto Hotel.
The owner said the title name from a Japanese word.
I just want my bed.

Sebab penat sangat, semua basuh muka. Basuh kaki and dooommm.
Sampai pagi tuh semua terlajak tidur.
And we just had our breakfast plus lunch around 1130 at KFC near there.
Mandini Hotel side.
Janji kenyang sebab masuk sana harga semua macam harammmm... yes, we knew it.

I pick Theme Park and diorang semua setuju.
And after scan and tebus voucher semua.
Pass their security line.
We all serbu locker first.

Yes, we had a baby Nana with us.
That why we need a locker to kept all her things there.
And watch out guys, you can brings your own stroller!
Jangan jadik cam kami yang ingatkan ada stroller boleh sewa.
Memang ada, but that for kids yang dah besar.
Nasib ada orang volunteer nak care her.
Gilir-gilir lah kan.

Other tips, bring along the maps.
Very bermanfaat.
And please play all the game and have fun.
Rugi tak main wooo... mahai bayar.

For me, sebab baby Nana still underage untuk semua game.
Kami yang main on behalf of her.
And we just rembat mana-mana budak which on his/her rombongan sekolah.
To be our partner.
Trick tuh.

And silalah bawak payung sendiri.
Masa kami pergi.
Bit gerimis, and who gonna bought an umbrella for RM 99.00..
Close enough for our ticket price!
Nuh, never.
Nasib ada maps as live saver.

They have Lego Technic, Kingdoms, City, Imagination, Land of Adventure and Miniland.
Semua memang kebanyakan they kept the view in lego style.
And those lego memang ohsem kat sini.
Memang big thumbs up untuk diorang semua yang on this project.
Mesti semua mata merah jer lepas siap.

We already tried that NinjaGo,
And as a proud winner between them. I can smiled all day.
But my mood memang down terus after that Roller coaster, i naik sampai two times.
Sebab we gilir-gilir jaga baby Nana and i'm the one yang jadi orang tengah.
And never i will experience it anymore.
No, i don't want.
Rasa mau tercabut jantung.

And i also tripped dekat tangga masa nak tengok Lego show.
My kawan dua tu boleh gelak jer.
Control ayu, i pick nearest chair and tahan jer sakitnya.
Kawan baik sangatttt lah kan.

And as last tips, bring also your own mineral water bottke.
My friends said tak boleh bawa, But i still passed overal.
Maybe dia ingat that water bottle is for baby.
So, you're saving some money duh.

And to me, this Legoland part, is more interesting if you have a kids.
Between three to teenager.
Sebab ini adalah fasa mereka untuk have fun.
And they will like it very much.
Nasib badan lah if kena tapau dengan mereka.
Sebab lego yang dijual sini semua harga debom-debom.

Next time when i have a kids,
This place is in my bucket list for them.
But not the lego souvenirs, guys.

No shoes, Sorry.
But he is my boyfriends from Mars!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

This is my angsa


Pada semua yang selama ini masih blurred, I introduced you all to my the only goose.
Nama dia angsa.
Sebab dia angla lah kan.

Dia ini kita jaga since kecik cenonet.
If kucing korang boleh manja-manja, my goose lagi cute daripada itu oh key.
But in his on way la.

Ingat lagi moments bawak dia jalan petang lepas habis sekolah agama.
Teman mandi paya kat belakang rumah.
Jadi tunggul time dia makan rumput.
Part paling best, tengok dia kejar orang.
Hahhaha... kembang-kembang kepak dia.
Then buat muka garang, inagt kita takut?
Lempang nak?

Eleh...pastu biasalah jantan.
Nampak awek lagi cantik. Mengawan ar dia.
Dia kawen dengan betina lebih tua daripada dia.
Dah itu keputusan dia, nak bantah apa....
Alhamdulillah dia bahagia.
Dapat dua ekor anak lagi.

Tapi sayang, ajal tak panjang.
Sebab kelalaian.
Anak dia pon mati sama....Tragis gila hidup mereka anak beranak.

Tapi dia tetap my only goose,
The one that pernah kongsi bahulu sama-sama bawah pokok rambut.
He's the one.
And only.

I miss you very much.
Boleh bela angsa lagi ker tak ek?
Tanya jer...